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January 13, 2021

Salesforce Launches Loyalty Management System

Salesforce Launches Loyalty Management System


The News Gods have been busy elsewhere this past week but they did stop by yesterday with a few gifts. First we have a new loyalty management system from Salesforce, complete with tiered membership, rewards points, and redemptions. It’s a rare Salesforce product that was built in-house.

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Mailchimp’s Latest Acquisition is SMS Platform Chatitive


Mailchimp has been buying its tech recently. Its latest purchase is Chatitive, a two-way SMS marketing platform. Other recent acquisitions have included Reaction Commerce and LemonStand (ecommerce), Sawa (automated design), BigTeam (surveys), and Inspector 6 (content analysis).

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CDP Omeda Buys ESP Subscription Business


CDP and audience management platform Omeda also has an acquisition: the subscription fulfillment business of ESP Computer Services. This is just about adding customers, since Omeda will migrate ESP’s clients onto its own systems. Omeda also purchased the subscription operation of Hallmark Data Systems back in 2016.

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