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January 15, 2021

Analytics Are Most Valued CDP Application

Analytics Are Most Valued CDP Application: Merkle Survey


Customer analytics is the most valuable CDP application, ranking ahead of identity management, cross channel activation, real-time orchestration, and audience management, according to this Merkle survey. Most of the report is explores the growing importance of first-party data as third-party data becomes harder to find. But we like CDP news the best.

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Two-Thirds of Companies Lack Fully Deployed First-Party Data Strategy: Winterberry Report

Winterberry Group

This Winterberry Group study also explores the shift to first-party data, with a particular focus on collaborative solutions such as data cooperatives and exchanges. Less than one-third of their sample say they have fully implemented a first-party data strategy, although nearly all have defined one. Read it for a good explanation of key terms and concepts.

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Money Keeps Flowing for No-Code Platforms

PR Newswire and others

You’ll probably take my word that investors love low-code and no-code development tools. But if not, here are more examples:$140 million in funding for Webflow, which does no-code Website development; $110 million for Workato for no-code/low-code data and process integration; and $80 million for airSlate for no-code business automation. We also have a new low-code/no-code internal app development tool from Internal, which has somehow raised only $5 million.

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