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January 18, 2021

Oracle Offers Low-Code Platform as Standalone Service

Oracle Offers Low-Code Platform as Standalone Service


Venture capitalists may be more eager to fund low-code products than you are to hear about them, Dear Reader. But you may still want to know that Oracle is making life even easier for citizen developers by offering its low-code APEX platform as a standalone managed cloud service. It was previously available only as part of the Oracle database.

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CDP Easyence Separates from Ysance Services


Last year, CDP vendor Ysance split off its CDP software as Easyence, retaining the Ysance name for its services operation. Last week, the company sold Ysance to tech consultancy Devoteam. Easyence will remain an independent CDP vendor.

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Data Drives Fewer Than Half of Ecommerce Marketing Decisions: SideCar Survey


Ecommerce marketers rank data-driven decisions second only to in-house skills as a major factor in marketing success, according to this SideCar survey. But just 38% make more than half of their decisions based on data, they rank seven other items ahead of data-driven decisions on their list of challenges, and they prioritize several skills ahead of data analytics in hiring. One interpretation: they feel they’re as data-driven as they should be.

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