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January 19, 2021

Comscore Uses Panel Data for Cookie-Free Ad Targeting

Comscore Uses Panel Data for Cookie-Free Ad Targeting


Let’s talk about cookie-free ad targeting. Comscore has released its solution, which matches panel demographics with content consumption to predict which online content will attract a marketer’s target audience. Comscore’s own panel data is enhanced with automation, financial, and location data from TransUnion, PlaceIQ, and Polk via IHS Markit.

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eTargetMedia Drives Display Ad Retargeting with Email

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eTargetMedia is leveraging its email lists to address a slightly different challenge: display ad retargeting. They send emails, drop a first-party cookie when the recipient clicks through to the client’s Web site, and then use that cookie to deliver ads on other Web sites. Remember, first-party cookies are still okay in most situations.

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CDS Global Offers Unified Sign-On Solution


Hearst CDS Global, which mostly handles magazine subscriptions, is attacking the identity side of targeting with Mylo, which lets consumers access multiple Web sites after signing in just once. The idea is to capture more first-party data about each visitor, regaining some of the visibility lost when third-party cookies are unavailable.

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