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January 21, 2021

Two-Thirds of Retailers Planning to Build Their Next CDP

Two-Thirds of Retailers Planning to Build Their Next CDP: Treasure Data Report

Treasure Data

Does it seem odd that this Treasure Data report found literally 99% of $1 billion-plus retailers have either installed a CDP (40%) or plan to (59%)? The data makes a bit more sense when you see two-thirds (67%) of those planning add a CDP expected to build, not buy. That suggests they're defining a CDP as any type of central customer database. Download for more on customer data use.

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CDP NP6 Bought by Chapsvision


Why buy a CDP when you can buy a CDP company, asked no one ever. Or maybe it happened at Paris-based business solution vendor Chapsvision, which just bought Bordeaux-based CDP NP6. It’s Chapsvision’s fourth acquisition since 2019 as they build out their product suite.

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Google and Facebook Reportedly Had Secret Deal on Ad Bids

The New York Times

Another question people never ask is whether Google and Facebook stifle competition, since the answer is obviously yes. It’s been less clear that they team up against everyone else, but that’s what The New York Times found in documents collected by the Texas attorney general. The secret deal gave Facebook an advantage on Google’s Open Bidding Platform.

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