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January 22, 2021

Acquia Launches Partner Community and Commerce Solution

Acquia Launches Partner Community and Commerce Solution


Acquia, which owns the former AgilOne CDP, has launched a partner community to simplify integration of other systems with Acquia’s digital experience platform. Illustrating what’s possible, they also announced Acquia Digital Commerce, which combines Acquia components with commercetools' ecommerce platform and Lucidworks' product discovery solution.

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Porch Group Buys V12 for More New Mover Data

Globe Newswire

Marketing services and data company V12 has been bought by new mover data collector Porch Group, which specializes in the home services industry. V12 brings its own mover data and lots of other consumer information to the party. The deal is one of four acquisitions announced simultaneously by Porch Group.

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Dutch CDPs Invicta and LynqID Combine as Invenna

The Data Agency

The Data Agency, a combination of several customer-data-related firms in the Netherlands and Belgium, has integrated its Invicta and LynqID CDP groups. The combined brand will be called Invenna, which was already the name of Invicta’s product. Invenna will be supported by consumer data and data quality solutions from other The Data Agency components.

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