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January 25, 2020

Google Threatens to Disable Search in Australia

Google Threatens to Disable Search in Australia


Big Tech is increasingly on the defensive these days. One front is Australia’s demand that Google pay news organizations for links to their content. Google threatened last week to remove its search engine from Australia rather than comply. Remember when Google said there’s no need for anti-trust regulation because it faces so much competition?

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Versium Adds Consumer Identities to Its B2B ID Graph

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Google probably doesn’t consider B2B identity resolution vendor Versium as a competitor. But Versium is positioning its latest offering as a way to escape from Google and other “walled gardens”. The extension lets its REACH platform connect business professionals to their consumer identities, giving B2B marketers more ways to reach them and letting consumer marketers target them too.

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Most B2B Tech Decisions Include Non-IT Staff: LinkedIn Research


Speaking of B2B marketing, this LinkedIn study finds that B2B tech buyers are like consumers: they rank price and features as most important when selecting a new vendor. Less expected: 63% of tech purchases are influenced by functions outside of IT. Call them “citizen tech buyers” if that makes you happy.

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