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January 26, 2021

NGDATA Lets Software Companies Embed Its CDP

NGDATA Lets Software Companies Embed Its CDP


Earlier this month, NGDATA announced a program that lets other software companies embed its CDP into their products. “NGDATA Inside” goes beyond standard API connectors to build direct integrations with partner products. It saves partners the effort of building or buying a CDP of their own.

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Facebook News Will Expand to UK


Raise your hand if you think the problem with today's news industry is that Facebook doesn't have enough control over the news people see.  But you’re not in charge, Dear Reader, so they’re launching a UK version of the Facebook News program that’s been live in the U.S. since June. Story selection is based on a mix of curation and personal behaviors.  Facebook shares a few crumbs of revenue with news providers.

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Twitter Launches Crowd-Sourced Fact Checking

AP News

While we’re on the subject, Twitter is also trying to improve its news content. They just launched cutely-named Birdwatch, which will let vetted users flag and notate misleading Tweets. Because we all know crowds are great at that sort of thing.

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