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January 27, 2021

Bloomreach Buys CDP Exponea and Raises $150 Million

Bloomreach Buys CDP Exponea and Raises $150 Million


Recommendation engine Bloomreach is buying CDP and marketing automation vendor Exponea. No price was announced. The deal follows similar combinations including Segment/Twilio, Manthan/RichRelevance, CrossEngage/Gpredictive, Agilone/Acquia, and Emarsys/SAP. Bloomreach also announced a $150 million funding.

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SheerID Expands Group Member Verification to European Marketers


SheerID calls itself an “identity marketing” vendor, meaning it verifies that people who sign up for offers limited to groups such as students, military, or healthcare workers are really members of those groups. They do this by collecting a ton of data while somehow keeping within privacy rules. In fact, they’re so good at the privacy bit that they’re expanding into 13 European countries, GDPR notwithstanding.

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Google Claims Its Cookie-Free Targeting Is Highly Effective


Of course, the death of third party cookies is the mother of all privacy challenges. Google just released research showing that its favored alternative, which assigns consumers to segments based on their Website visits but doesn’t share individual IDs, gives nearly the same results as cookie-based techniques. Experts are split on whether the approach, called FLoC for reasons that are too complicated to explain, is a meaningful privacy improvement.

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