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January 28, 2021

National Cybersecurity Alliance Helps Users Update Privacy Settings

National Cybersecurity Alliance Helps Users Update Privacy Settings

National Cybersecurity Alliance

Happy International Privacy Day, Dear Reader. You’ll find all sorts of events online. If you want to take concrete action, this page from the National Cybersecurity Alliance connects you with links to reset your personal privacy settings on more than one hundred sites including all your data-gobbling favorites. Hours of fun!

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Privacy Vendors Warn Against Backdoor Access to Encrypted Messages


We see plenty of privacy stories but the editor of our Privacy Newsletter has dibs on all the good stuff. I did snag this report about ProtonMail and other privacy-first app vendors warning that the European Union Council seems disposed towards requiring “backdoor” access to encrypted messages. The goal is to help law enforcement but there’s no real way to keep backdoors safe from unauthorized use.

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Reltio Offers Free Identity Matching Service


This isn’t quite a privacy item, but identity management is closely related. On that front, Master Data Management vendor and borderline CDP Reltio has launched a free cloud-based identity resolution service. Users can upload lists of names which the system will clean, store, and compare with previously-loaded names to flag potential matches for manual review. The system will remember past matches so each user builds an expanded identity graph over time.

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