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January 29, 2021

Episerver Rebrands as Optimizely

Episerver Rebrands as Optimizely


We were so focused on Privacy Day yesterday that I had to defer telling you that Episerver is renaming itself Optimizely, a company it purchased last fall. Neither name exactly screams “world’s best digital experience platform” but Optimizely was apparently the stronger brand. It was certainly more popular on Google Trends

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Apple Sets Early Spring for IDFA Tracking Restrictions


Apple celebrated Privacy Day by announcing an “early spring” date to enforce its new rule that each app must request explicit opt-in to share users’ data with third parties. The strong expectation is that many won’t say yes and the flow of data to personalize ads and track results will be reduced to a trickle.

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Google and Apple React to Apple IDFA Changes

Google, Ars Technica, Apple Insider

Google and Facebook both stand to lose revenue from the Apple changes. Facebook has been characteristically obnoxious, making dubious anti-trust threats and cluelessly expecting sympathy that it may lose some revenue. Google has been more passively aggressive, delaying app updates that would require new labels and saying it will stop trying to collect the data even though (pause to wipe small tear from eye) the “vibrant and open app ecosystem” will suffer as a result.

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