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February 1, 2021

Walmart Shares Shopper Data for Ad Targeting

Walmart Shares Shopper Data for Ad Targeting


It seems like most big retailers have plans to sell digital ads on their Websites, apps, and in-store displays. It’s a nice incremental revenue stream and levels the playing field a bit vs. Amazon. Walmart has now taken the logical next step, announcing a deal to let The Trade Desk use its shopper data to target ads outside of Walmart properties. Do I spy a privacy issue?

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Mai Raises $5 Million to Make All Images Shoppable

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Does the entire notion of ad targeting strike you as a bit retro? Mai (formerly Markable.AI) thinks people should just point at anything they see on a screen and buy it. They've added $5 million to their Series A to build AI-based image and video content recognition tech to make it happen.

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Poor Targeting and Walled Gardens Are Digital Marketers’ Top Concerns: Criteo Survey


It seems that Walmart and Mai both have the right idea. Poor targeting and escaping the walled gardens are digital marketers’ top two concerns, according to this Criteo survey. Also download to learn whether consumers worry most about fake news, privacy, or online scams.

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