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March 13, 2017

Personalization Choices Keep Getting Better

Marketo and Infor Partner to Offer Integrated Customer Experience


Marketing automation vendor Marketo and business application provider Infor today announced a partnership to integrate and cross sell their customer experience systems. The match-up makes perfect sense: both companies sell cloud-based systems to the mid-sized companies, and Marketo plugs the B2B marketing automation gap in Infor's product line.  Marketo has been repositioning itself as an option for B2C marketing, but Infor already has solutions in that area.  Fun fact: Infor previously bought Epiphany, which was run by Marketo's founders before they started Marketo.

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Accenture Launches Attribute-Based Personalization System


Accenture Interactive has added Genome to its personalization suite, which already includes a clustering engine, business intelligence, recommendations, multivariate testing, technical performance monitoring, and retail assortment optimization. Genome extracts attributes from customer interactions and uses these to predict future preferences. Not quite as revolutionary as Accenture makes it sound, but definitely a step beyond “customers who bought this also bought…”

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ZyloTech Releases High Speed, Continuous Customer Analytics

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ZyloTech, a MIT spin-off launched in 2014 as DataXylo, has announced its own solution to understand customers based on their data.  It uses two – yes, two! – layers of machine learning to ingest, clean, unify, and analyze customer data from hundreds of sources; uncover intent; and deploy promotions. One part of the story is this happens continuously and in real time. Another is that unification and analysis skills are pre-trained on “vast sets of customer data”, which should greatly speed deployment and improve results. It’s another example of using current technology to overcome the bottlenecks that prevented traditional enterprise data warehouse projects from meeting marketers’ needs. ZyloTech doesn’t call itself a CDP but that shoe seems to fit.

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