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February 8, 2021

Shopify Merchants Offered Amazon Recommendation Engine

Shopify Merchants Offered Amazon Recommendation Engine


You’re probably interested in the rumors about Google’s plans for a watered-down version of Apple’s anti-device-tracking policies, Dear Reader, but this newsletter deals only in hard, cold facts. So instead I’ll report that Amazon’s product recommendation technology is now available to Shopify merchants. The connection is an app from HiConversion, which uses the Amazon Personalize engine on Amazon Web Services.

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PreciseTarget Sells Purchase-Based Profiles of 200 Million U.S. Consumers


Recommendation engines are only as good as their data, and many companies don’t have enough data of their own to be useful. PreciseTarget is filling the gap with product affinity profiles on 200 million U.S. shoppers based on more than five billion retail transactions from 1,000 merchants. Marketers can add preference scores to existing customers and send targeted prospect lists to media partners.

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V12 Uses Shopping Behavior to Assign Consumer Segments


Data compiler V12 is also targeting consumers based on recent shopping behaviors. Their new product is Vistas, which assigns people to one of five shopping types based on recent activities. People are also assigned to consumer groups using conventional demographics.

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