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February 18, 2021

Leadspace Adds Direct Access to ZoomInfo Data

Leadspace Adds Direct Access to ZoomInfo Data


B2B CDP Leadspace and data compiler ZoomInfo have announced a strategic partnership that will give Leadspace “platform-level integration” with ZoomInfo data. Tight integration of third-party data, especially about non-customers, is much more common among B2B CDPs than B2C CDPs. But you knew that.

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PureB2B Combines Three Intent Data Types in One Product


PureB2B also compiles business contact and company data for marketers. They just launched PurePredict, which combines contact-level intent based content consumption of known individuals; company-level intent based social media behaviors; and domain-level intent based on content consumption by anonymous individuals. If that’s not enough, the company says it will add other types of intent data in the future.

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Facebook Bans Accurate Australian News


Obnoxious behavior from Facebook is no surprise but we still should mention that they just blocked their users from all legitimate Australian news sources. Lies are still welcome. It’s part of Facebook’s fight against a proposal that they pay news companies for using the information. Google also dislikes the idea but chose to cut a global deal with News Corp.

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