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February 19, 2021

Amazon Buys Shopify Competitor Selz

Amazon Buys Shopify Competitor Selz


Amazon has purchased Selz, a small business ecommerce and marketing system that competes with Shopify. It’s a logical step on Amazon’s path to world domination. The deal happened last month but no one noticed until recently.

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LinkedIn Releases Enrichment Service Based on Member Data


Here’s more old news: last December, LinkedIn announced Sales Insights, a data enrichment service that pushes information on LinkedIn’s 722 million members to Salesforce and other systems. It's still worth reporting given the unique scope of LinkedIn’s data. As a bonus, the blog post announcing general availability doubles as a primer on how to assemble clean customer data.

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59% of U.S. Firms Lose Revenue to Bad CRM: SugarCRM Report


A frightening 59% of U.S. sales leaders in this SugarCRM survey say their CRM system is costing them revenue and 61% can’t see all their marketing, sales, and service data. Figures for UK, Germany, and Australia are a little better. Also intriguing: despite incomplete data, 89% are already using artificial intelligence and 93% expect to use it more.

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