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February 22, 2021

CDPs Don’t Replace Other Martech Systems

CDPs Don’t Replace Other Martech Systems: Treasure Data Study

Treasure Data

CDPs complement, not replace, other martech systems, according to this Treasure Data survey. Nearly all (95%) of CDP users also have a CRM system, 89% have a DMP, and 79% of a data warehouse or data lake. Download to learn about CDP use cases, benefits, data sources, and more.

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Cisco Closes IMImobile Acquisition to Expand CX Footprint


Cisco has completed its $730 million acquisition of customer experience platform IMImobile. The deal, announced last December, marks a major expansion of Cisco’s footprint in customer-facing systems. Cisco already owns Webex, Voicea, and Cloudcherry but lacks a CDP. So far.

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Post-IDFA Alliance Helps Marketers to Cope with New Apple Privacy Rules

Post-IDFA Alliance

Like an imminent hanging, the approaching enforcement of Apple’s new privacy rules has concentrated marketers’ minds on adjusting to the situation rather than waiting to be rescued by an-as-unbuilt universal identifier. We wrote last week about AppsFlyer’s approach. Now we also have the Post-IDFA Alliance, a consortium of mobile adtech firms offering a resource center with helpful advice and perhaps a little sympathy. Facebook has also launched a site on the topic. Of course, Facebook just got caught knowingly publishing inflated audience data, so examine that gift horse very carefully.

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