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March 15, 2017

Most Marketers Control Their Own Tech Choices

Atidot Speeds Creation and Analysis of Life Insurance Data


Yesterdays’ newsletter mentioned the growth of industry-specific CDPs. Here’s a related item: just-launched Atidot uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to load, clean, and unify life insurance policies and related data into a repository and to provide useful insights such as lists of customers who are likely to leave or buy more. The data can reside in the cloud or on-premise. They don’t appear to let external systems access the repository, so probably not a true CDP. But still evidence that current technology makes it much easier than before to build and analyze customer databases.

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Clicktale Launches Digital Experience Cloud to Make Sense of Web and Mobile Behaviors


Clicktale is another vertical solution for customer analytics, although it’s limited by channel (Web and mobile apps) not by industry. They’ve just launched a “digital experience cloud” that uses the super-detailed behavioral data they’ve always captured (down to in-page hovers, scrolls, pinches, and zooms) for advanced path analysis, business impact analysis, and “psychological analytics” to infer customer motivations and intent. Data and metrics are exposed to other systems via APIs and SDKs. Too narrow to replace a CDP but a valuable supplement and potential input.

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Most Advanced Digital Marketers Have Greatest Control Over Their Own Martech: TEKsystems Survey


IT staffing and services provider TEKsystems asked 250 senior marketing executives about their digital initiatives. It grouped them based on the maturity of their digital marketing strategy, ranging from fully optimized (23%) to not optimized but integrated with the rest of marketing (49%), to no strategy but experienced (18%) to ad hoc experiments (10%). One major difference was control over marketing technology: 82% of the optimized group controlled their own, compared with 75% of the integrated group and just 65% of the others. The biggest surprise may be that marketing control is so common in the least mature cohort.

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