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Post-Brexit data reprieve for UK & Microsoft launches major copyright attack on rivals 

The EU and UK agreement on data transfer is a relief to businesses looking to work across borders. But Facebook and Google now face pressure on several fronts from Microsoft, the EU's data watchdog, and New York State. 

--Susan Raab, Editor

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Big sigh of relief for UK-EU data share

EU gives UK a post-Brexit four-year pass on data transfers

Gridlock has been averted by the European Commission, which gave an adequacy endorsement for the UK's privacy protections. Pending approval by the individual EU countries, this will allow data sharing between the EU and UK, subject to monitoring and review.

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Flybits adds consumer control tiers and data privacy ed features

FinTech digital platform, Flybits, releases Privacy-First Opt-in Experience

Helping consumers with privacy requires good tools and teaching them why and how to use them. Flybits is in the midst of a series of releases that aim to aid banking consumers do both.  

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New York City has just enacted a strict Biometric Privacy Law requiring businesses to provide customers notice of use of facial recognition and other biometric technology. New York’s law will go into effect in July. It follows Portland, Oregon’s facial recognition ban, which became law January 1.  More cities and states are expected to follow.

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Microsoft and EU publishing organizations ally to force Google and Facebook to pay for news

In a move to add pressure on the the biggest tech giants, Microsoft is launching a project to have the EU establish an Australia-style arbitration system that mandates pay for use of news content. Google and Facebook have been fighting back at Australia's rules.  Goolge has cut licensing deals while Facebook has gone further and blocked sharing Australian news on its service. Countries including Canada and the UK are considering laws similar to Australia. 

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What happens to sensitive personal data we give to health, diet and fitness apps? Facebook happily collects much of it despite your best efforts

Testing conducted by the Wall Street Journal showed that Facebook's software collects data from many apps, regardless of whether a Facebook account is used to log in - or even whether the user is a Facebook member. That's because Apple and Google app stores don't require apps to disclose who they share data with, and research showed that in some cases there was almost immediate transfer of information to Facebook. New York State's Department of Financial Services has issued a detailed report and is investigating Facebook as the result of a call to action by Governor Andrew Cuomo.

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EU Data Protection Supervisor advocates strict targeted ad ban: Stakes are raised as the EU's Data Protection watchdog pushed legislators to ban online targeted advertising and to restrict categories of data that can be processed. This is far broader than what the European Commission proposed in December.  It's part of a crackdown on tech giants like Google and Facebook. Read More

TikTok accused of breaching rights on multiple counts by not protecting children from hidden ads: The European Consumer Organization BUEC has filed a complaint saying TikTok's Terms of Service are unfair, unclear, ambiguous and work to the detriment of users. Read More

Data sharing is crucial for society, but only if we put new models, protocols in place: This week's New York Times explored how this might be accomplished. Read More

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