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March 15, 2021

Data Integration Vendor Talend Goes Private for $2.4 Billion

Data Integration Vendor Talend Goes Private for $2.4 Billion


It’s more than week since we’ve had a CDP acquisition to report, Dear Reader and I’m sad too. Maybe you’ll feel a little better to learn that open source data integration vendor Talend was just purchased by private equity investor Thoma Bravo for $2.4 billion. That’s a 29% premium over its closing stock price and 8.3 times 2020 revenue.

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Two-Thirds of Companies Have Untapped Data: Fivetran Survey


What makes Talend so valuable? Fivetran’s survey of data engineers gives a hint: 44% said key data isn’t available for decision-making and 68% said more insights could be extracted if they had more time. More than half collect data from more than ten data sources and 51% said their data pipelines break at least once every month.

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Despite Cost Savings, 30% of Cloud Spending Is Wasted: Flexera Report


Moving data to the cloud is supposed to simplify management, but Flexera found that 92% of companies use multiple clouds and 45% integrate data between clouds, which creates its own challenges. While cost savings are the top goal, respondents estimate that 30% of cloud spending is wasted. Just 16% of companies refuse to load any customer data into a cloud system.

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