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March 17, 2021

Salesforce Adds ABM Features

Salesforce Adds ABM Features


Salesforce is claiming a bit more Account Based Marketing with a pair of new features. One uses Einstein AI to find and prioritize key accounts. The other, more intriguingly, lets marketers create “personalized ABM campaigns for every buyer within top-tier accounts…even if they do not have any contacts for that account”. That’s either really hard or really easy. I think what they mean is the campaigns are ready to go when a contact does show up.

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Epsilon and Verizon Media Expand Cookie-Free Ad Targeting


It’s probably inevitable that every targeting technique will now be described as cookie alternative. Here we have Epsilon and Verizon Media touting a ten-year-old program that tracks consumers with a combination of transactional data assembled by Epsilon and Verizon Media’s massive first-party data sets. What’s seems to be new is tighter integration between the two sets of identifiers.

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SafeGraph Raises $45 Million Series B for Location Data

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By total coincidence, Verizon Media is the very first company listed as a client on SafeGraph’s Web site. SafeGraph sells foot traffic and other data about more than 6.4 million locations in the U.S. and Canada. They just raised a $45 million Series B, bringing their total to $61 million.

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