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March 23, 2021

CDP Zaius Purchased by DX Platform Optimizely

CDP Zaius Purchased by DX Platform Optimizely


Was Zaius on your CDP acquisition bingo card? If so, you can tick that box, because they were just purchased by digital experience platform Optimizely, which was Episerver until recently. Like other recent CDP purchases, the deal gives the buyer a way to unify multiple customer-facing systems: Episerver had seven previous acquisitions including three in the past two years.

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Act-On Software Raises $20 Million for Marketing Automation

Act-On Software

The marketing automation industry went through its own acquisition phase several years ago. Act-On Software never got bought but they did survive. The company just raised $20 million in a combination of debt and equity, bringing its total funding to $92 million. It's their first substantial round since a $45 million investment in 2014.

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Nordstrom Launches Livestream Shopping Channel


I’ve been looking for an excuse to mention that livestream shopping is now a thing. It’s part of the larger trend for social ecommerce, which itself belongs to the still larger trend of retailers looking for ways to escape from Amazon’s clutches. So while you may not really care that Nordstrom is adding a livestream channel, at least you know why I’m telling you about it.

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