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Brazen disregard 

On a number of fronts this week. China is looking to sidestep Apple iOS privacy controls. Facebook responded to calls to protect young people by announcing an under-13 Instagram initiative. And TikTok will force-feed personalized ads (except where protected by GDPR).  

--Susan Raab, Editor

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Demand skyrocketing in ID verification category

Socure raises $100M to expand identity verification to more verticals

With the U.S. digital identity market projected to exceed $30B by 2023, Socure has grown its customer base 85% year over year. Now, adding $100M in Series D funding puts it at a $1.3B valuation.

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China Advertising ID (CAID) tool in trials

China tech industry testing a new tool to bypass new Apple privacy rules

Big tech in China, including Tencent, and ByteDance, which owns TikTok, is reportedly exploring the possibility of tracking iPhone users without consent via a tool in development that circumvents Apple's new rules. 

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IT'S THE LAW                                   21 CCPA-Privacy-Options-icon.png

California's Attorney General announced new California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) regulations and provided a new privacy icon businesses are encouraged to use. The new rules increase protections for Californians allowing more control over the sale of personal information. The regulations include a ban on so-called "dark patterns," prohibiting companies from using confusing language or complex processes to deter consumers from opting out. 

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Facebook at work on Instagram for young kids - urgh!!

"Relief" is not the word that comes to mind when finding out that Facebook has responded to calls for it to "do more to protect young users from bullying, or predation" on the app by building an "Instagram for kids." Apparently having 3.3 billion people use its products monthly has left a portion of the global population untouched - are toddlers and infants next?

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TikTok notifies users they will soon get targeted ads

With a blatant disregard for user preferences, TikTok plans to simply change user settings to allow third-party advertisers to  provide personalized ads based on what users watch on TikTok's platform. EU citizens will have the option to switch back to general ads if they want due to GDPR regulation, but outside the EU personalized ads will be the only choice.

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In Brief: 

French regulators allow Apple iOS privacy changes: France's competition authority rejected calls by IAB France and other ad groups to forestall Apple - but the regulator there still plans to monitor the situation to ensure Apple doesn't take unfair market advantage. Read More

Class action moves ahead against Google on Incognito mode data collection: A judge denied Google's request to dismiss a suit which accuses Google of collecting data while misleading Incognito mode users into believing their data was being kept private.Read More

The New York Times profiles Clearview AI and outlines risks posed in facial recognition technology: Clearview has amassed billions of facial photos without consent, gained powerful proponents, and has few U.S. laws in place to contain it.  Read More

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