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March 24, 2021

ActionIQ Completes $100 Million Series C

ActionIQ Completes $100 Million Series C


We’ve seen so many CDP acquisitions recently that it’s almost shocking when a CDP vendor raises money to grow independently instead. ActionIQ just reminded us that’s an option with an eye-catching $100 million Series C extension, made just slightly less impressive by news that $60 million is new money and $40 million had been raised previously.

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NBCUniversal Offers Its Own Customer Tracking ID


NBCUniversal has announced its own version of a cross-channel customer identifier, the uncreatively named NBCU ID. It will let advertisers target viewers within NBCUniversal’s walled garden of TV, online and theme park properties. Other projects include a data clean room and a slew of online shopping tools including Facebook and Instagram apps.

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Location Tracking Is the Creepiest of All: Cheetah Digital Survey

Cheetah Digital

Finally, this massive global consumer study from Cheetah Digital offers a ton of interesting data about attitudes towards privacy, social media, loyalty, personalization and more. One finding to remember: consumers consider location data more sensitive than anything else, something also seen in other recent surveys.

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