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March 26, 2021

Acquia Launches New Experience Platform

Acquia Launches New Experience Platform


Let’s do product news today. Acquia has launched a new Experience Platform, which includes a content management system, no-code Web site builder, and Drupal development environment. It also improved analytics, reporting, and compliance workflows in its Marketing Cloud, which includes Acquia’s CDP.

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Optimove Adds Segmentation Options

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CDP Optimove just announced new real time segmentation capabilities, which can assign customers to segments using both real time streaming data and historical information. The combination lets marketers adjust customer treatments based on current activities and journey stage or loyalty status.

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Integrate Introduces Demand Acceleration Platform


B2B martech vendor Integrate has introduced Demand Acceleration Platform, whose snappy acronym of DAP should not be confused with the popular brand of spackle. Like its namesake drywall adhesive, DAP is a versatile glue that connects “hundreds of technology companies, data partners, service providers and marketing agencies, thousands of events and trade shows, and a marketplace of 150+ publishers” to create orchestrated, personalized, cross-channel, paintable customer journeys. Maybe not paintable.

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