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April 1, 2021

Integrated Campaigns Yield 2-3x Higher ROI

Integrated Campaigns Yield 2-3x Higher ROI: Chief Marketer Study

Chief Marketer

In case your boss has ever questioned the value of integrated marketing programs, this Chief Marketer study confirms they yield two to three times higher return on investment than non-integrated programs. Siloed organizational structures are a bigger obstacle than data or technology integration. CMOs say 60% of their marketing campaigns are fully integrated, but they might be a bit out of touch: just 41% of all respondents agree.

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GroundTruth Buys Addy for Self-Service Local Ads


Measuring ROI is especially hard when you’re combining online and offline activities. GroundTruth makes the connection by combining foot-traffic information on 100 million global locations with precise location-based advertising. They just bought self-service ad platform Addy (formerly Adverator) which helps small businesses place all types of local ads.

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AnyRoad Raises $10 Million for Event Management and Analytics


AnyRoad started last year as an event management platform but quickly pivoted to handling online as well as offline experiences and combining data from different sources to measure results. They just raised $10 million to continue on their merry way.

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