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April 5, 2021

SWAN Offers Open Source Cookie Alternative

SWAN Offers Open Source Cookie Alternative


The horrifying plague of bird-themed advertising ID solutions has expanded with SWAN, a proposal for an open-source network that lets consumers consent to being tracked, drops a first party cookie with a unique ID, and then applies that consent and the cookie across many participating Web sites. The concept has backing from adtech companies including Zeta Global, 51Degrees, Open X, ENGINE Media Exchange (EMX), PubMatic, Rich Audience and Sirdata. I’d like it better if SWAN didn’t also offer SWIFT and OWID.

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ID5 Raises $6 Million Series A for Another Ad ID Alternative


ID5 also asks consumers for consent to a first-party tracking cookie that is shared by a network of Web sites. There are probably technical differences vs SWAN but what really matters is no birds are involved. ID5 was launched in 2017 and says it reaches more than 600 million consumers daily. They just raised a $6 million Series A.

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Verizon Media and Catalina Share Data for Online-Offline Campaign Reporting

Verizon Media

In other non-avian tracking news, Verizon Media has partnered with Catalina to combine Catalina’s retail purchase data on 236 million individuals with Verizon's information about the online activities of the 900 million-ish people in its global ID graph. The company announcement says the combined data will be used to measure campaign performance. There’s no mention of using it to target ads at individuals.

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