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April 7, 2021

Global Trust Rose During Pandemic

Global Trust Rose During Pandemic: Edelman Trust Barometer


You might be surprised to learn that global trust levels actually increased a bit last year, according to the Edelman Trust Barometer. But there were plenty of dark spots, including sharp declines in trust in the tech industry and media. You can probably use the report to prove any point you want, although there’s no reason to think anyone would believe you.

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ID.me and Socure Each Raise $100 Million for Digital Identity


Digital identity is about trusting that someone is who they say they are – or, rather, finding ways to check their claim. It’s becoming more important to marketers as they rely more on first-party data. So you might care that identity network ID.me, which gives consumers control over their own credentials, recently raised a $100 million Series C. A bit before that, identity verifier Socure had its own $100 million round.

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Upsolver Launches Free Edition for No-Code Cloud Data Access


Trust plays a role in no-code systems but the reason I’m writing about Upsolver is that it assembles data from multiple sources and makes it available for analysis.  It’s not exactly a CDP but does show how cloud technologies are serving some CDP-like functions.  Upsolver just raised a $25 million Series B and released a free “community” edition so you can try it for yourself.

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