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OneTrust adds funding; consumers will pay for privacy;  concern grows about mass data collection

Concerns about massive data collection is growing, including about biometric and ad-bidding data in the U.S. And in Scotland, COVID19 tracking via a new national check-in app is being questioned. Funding for new products is also on the rise. 

--Susan Raab, Editor

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Consumers would pay extra to protect their data

Study finds U.S. consumers ready to pay for privacy

Conventional wisdom says Americans won’t pay for privacy, but this research study used conjoint analysis to show that half would pay at least $8 per month for social media product that didn’t keep or sell their data. Half would also pay $30 extra for a smartphone that was similarly private. On the other hand, about 40% wouldn’t pay anything extra. The study was conducted, apparently just for fun, by Ajit Ghuman, who runs product marketing at a retail customer engagement platform.

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Japan's SoftBank Vision and Franklin Templeton lead in Series C funding

OneTrust gains $210M, increasing valuation to $5B

Market growth in APAC and globally is the driver for the latest investment in OneTrust, the industry leader in privacy, security and governance technology. More than 8,000 companies worldwide use OneTrust, including more than half the Fortune 500.

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IT'S THE LAW                                   

July 1, 2021 concludes the one-year grace period given for businesses to comply with South Africa’s Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA).  Legal firm Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr has published a POPIA compliance checklist to aid businesses in understanding where they need to be POPIA compliant. 

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50%+ consumers in UK & U.S. don’t believe their data is secure

A Loop Me survey comparing how thousands of consumers feel about ad data indicates that despite new regulations, more than half don’t believe their data is more secure than it was a year ago, and only 15% of those surveyed say they understand how companies are using their data.

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New "Check in Scotland" COVID19 app raises privacy concerns

The Scottish government has introduced a new check-in app to collect details of people as they visit businesses and other venues, including pubs, restaurants, hair salons and houses of worship. By law, the government specifies that this data must be kept for 21 days, and then must be destroyed or deleted. This is designed to work in concert with the country's health service's "NHS Scotland Test and Protect" initiative to test, trace and isolate from people who have the virus. The concern is that the new check in data will capture intrusive data about individual habits and locations that will be stored in a centralized database. 

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In Brief: 

More than 1,800 U.S. agencies use Clearview facial recognition without Americans' permission. New report says federal and local law enforcement amass tens of thousands of pages of public records via Clearview, and that it is used by some without training or oversight. Read More

Killi's Unveil gives 320M Americans a way to view their (previously inaccessible) data profile: By using Killi, consumers can then view, edit, opt-out, or where possible, get compensated for data use. Read More

U.S. Senators ask 9 companies for details on data collection via real-time ad bidding data. National security potentially is a concern. Fears include possible use of personal information by foreign intelligence services for hacking, blackmail and influence campaigns. Companies include AT&T, Google, Twitter and Verizon. Read More

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