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April 14, 2021

Cardlytics Buys Retail CDP Bridg for $350 Million Now, More Millions Later

Cardlytics Buys Retail CDP Bridg for $350 Million Now, More Millions Later


Retail-focused CDP vendor Bridg has been purchased by Cardlytics, which provides targeted ads within bank loyalty programs. The announced price was an eyebrow-raising $350 million plus $100 to $300 million based on future performance. In addition to its CDP, Bridg has a 235 million consumer database that can identify otherwise-anonymous in-store retail buyers.

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Stirista Offers Real-Time Consumer Locations, Devices, and IP Addresses


Identity data vendor Stirista has launched a new identity graph, OMNA, that is updated with real-time transaction data to track consumers’ devices, locations, and IP addresses. The data can be appended to a company’s own customer files or used to target advertising. Stirista’s strength is connected TV and over-the-top TV information.

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GumGum Takes $75 Million Investment for Contextual Ad Targeting


If all this customer tracking makes you queasy, you’ll be happy to learn that GumGum just took a $75 million investment for its contextual advertising services. The investment from Goldman Sachs brings GumGum’s total funding to $134 million. Imagine how much they could raise if their name wasn't silly.

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