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April 15, 2021

Merkle Adds ID Resolution to Adobe Experience Platform

Merkle Adds ID Resolution to Adobe Experience Platform


We’re all about integration today, Dear Reader. First: Merkle has integrated its Merkury identity resolution platform with Adobe Experience Platform, which includes Adobe’s Real Time CDP. Adobe clients will be able to connect more identifiers and enhance customer profiles with Merkle data.

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Reltio Adds Master Data Management to Google Cloud Marketplace


Next: Reltio, a cloud-based master data management system that we sometimes classify as a CDP, has made its multi-domain Enterprise 360 service available in Google Cloud Marketplace. The company plans to add its Identity 360 and Connected Customer 360 services to the marketplace “in coming months”. It keeps getting easier to find CDP building blocks on the cloud platforms.

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InfoSum Adds Experian Data to Its Mix


Finally: customer data sharing platform InfoSum is adding Experian audience data to its pool of available sources. InfoSum lets different companies combine their data into audiences without revealing individual identities. The Experian data create richer audience profiles.

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