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April 21, 2021

Retailers Lag in Online Personalization

Retailers Lag in Online Personalization: Redpoint Global Infographic

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Retailers lag in meeting the customer expectations for personalized online shopping, according to this Redpoint Global-sponsored infographic. Just 21% have up-to-date CRM/personalization technology in place, although 60% plan to have current technology within two years. Just 14% have bought a software package with embedded artificial intelligence or machine learning.

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Two-Thirds of Gen Z Shopper Won’t Return to Stores: Sitecore Study


Any retailers hoping they can avoid improving their online experience by waiting for customers to resume in-store shopping are taking a big risk. This Sitecore study of Gen Z consumers found that 64% want to keep buying almost everything online. They’re a demanding bunch: 83% see shopping as an experience, not a transaction, 71% expect highly personalized treatments, and 38% will switch brands after a second bad experience.

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Cart.com Raises $45 Million For End-to-End Ecommerce Support


Needless to say, there are plenty of companies eager to sell retailers the technology they need. Cart.com, just founded in September 2020, is a new option, offering end-to-end ecommerce software, services, and infrastructure. They just raised $45 million over five months.

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