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May 12, 2021

Marketing Is Least Data-Driven Department

Marketing Is Least Data-Driven Department: Talend Report


Marketing is the least data-driven of all departments covered in this Talend survey: 48% of marketers make less than half their decisions based on data, compared with 23% of IT and 33% of engineering leaders. Just 40% of executives always trust the data they work with and 22% don’t think their company’s investment in data management is worth it. Read on and weep.

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Mapp Cloud’s Latest Innovation is Direct Mail


Maybe all this modern technology really is a waste after all. The folks at the Mapp Cloud marketing platform are excited that their latest enhancement is – be sure you’re sitting down – direct mail!  But why, you ask? “Direct mail can be used for a wide range of applications,” asserts Mapp, and follows with a handy list. Who knew?

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Braze Integrates Phrasee to Optimize Marketing Copy


Up for something a little more modern? Language optimization vendor Phrasee has partnered with customer engagement platform Braze to optimize language in email subject lines, headline copy and push notifications. No mention of whether they’re advanced enough to optimize direct mail too.

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