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May 13, 2021

Salesforce Renames Its CDP and Adds New Features

Salesforce Renames Its CDP and Adds New Features


Salesforce is renaming its Customer Data Platform, from Customer 360 Audiences to Salesforce CDP. New features available today include Tableau integration and calculated metrics. Mulesoft integration, improved segmentation, and AppExchange app integration will be released later this year. Salesforce CDP uses the same data platform of Salesforce Sales, Service, and Commerce clouds, which makes it easier share data with those systems. Marketing Cloud is still on a separate platform.

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Adobe Real-time CDP Adds MediaWallah Identity Graph


Adobe has added the MediaWallah identity graph to its Real-time CDP integrations, enabling clients to add online and offline identifiers to customer records. The integration will make it easier for Adobe clients to unify customer data from different sources and to enrich profiles with MediaWallah data. You may recall that Adobe announced a similar integration with Merkle’s Merkury ID resolution technology last month.

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Podcast Ad Revenues to Top $1 Billion in 2021: IAB Report

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How big is the U.S. podcast ad market? Funny you should ask: the IAB estimates it will top $1 billion in 2021, after growing a pandemic-fueled 19% in 2020. It’s a place to spend some of those ad dollars made less effective by targeting-hostile privacy rules. Speaking of: HubSpot just launched a podcast network but the mission is to deliver content to its audience of entrepreneurs and marketers (and entrepreneurial marketers), not to sell advertising.

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