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May 20, 2021

Just 6% of Low-Code Development Is Separate from IT

Just 6% of Low-Code Development Is Separate from IT: Creatio Study


Low-code and no-code system development are often lumped together but this Creatio study highlights that they’re quite different. Actually, it just covers low-code, finding that just 6% of low-code development is done by business users without any IT involvement. It’s a safe bet that many more no-code developers are working outside of IT.

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Kochava Buys DigiCenter to Expand Its Identity Graph

Business Wire

Marketing measurement expert Kochava has purchased identity graph builder DigiCenter. The deal will expand the Kochava Collective mobile data marketplace with richer data and added email and cross-device identity coverage. The combined business will have data on more than 1 billion hashed emails and 9 billion devices.

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Vericast and TVSquared Add Tracking Capabilities


Here are two more bits of identity-related news. Verticast’s Valassis has launched Household Connect, which groups devices into households based on their behaviors and ties them to a physical address. And TVSquared has integrated Foursquare location data to tie TV ads to store visits and foot traffic. Household Connect will enable better ad targeting while the TVSquared enhancement will improve campaign measurement.

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