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May 21, 2021

Any Way You Slice It, Most Apple Users Choose Not To Be Tracked

Any Way You Slice It, Most Apple Users Choose Not To Be Tracked


The final fruit of Apple’s new tracking opt-in rules is unknown, but one immediate result is a bumper crop of articles estimating the opt-in rate. Flurry gained attention with an early report that just 4% of U.S. users were opting in, accompanied by other calculations that now run as high as a 24% global rate. AppsFlyer presented figures ranging from 31% to 40% with useful breakdowns by app type.  Branch tweeted some hard-to-parse stats that seem to show about 12% of apps have been granted tracking permission. The Post-IDFA Alliance reports two numbers: 16.8% from Singular and 36.5% from Ad Colony. Kochava offered one figure similar to Flurry’s 4%, another of 48.8%, and a much-needed explanation of why everyone has different results.

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Zoom Offers Virtual Event Platform

Globe Newswire

One thing that’s perfectly clear is Zoom’s growth during the pandemic. They’re looking to build on their success by adding a virtual events platform, which will offer ticketing, registration, networking, and suchlike. They also published an interesting, if predictable, study that found video communications and hybrid events are here to stay.

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Algonomy Adds New Data Access, Personalization and Merchandising Features


In case you actually read this newsletter for CDP-related news, we’ll share Algonomy’s latest update. They’ve added a bunch of new ecommerce connectors, improved controls over data access, program-level control groups, and enhancements for merchandising and product recommendations.

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