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May 31, 2021

Half of B2B Buyers Will Purchase from Dishonest Sellers

CTV Ads Used More Widely Than Linear TV: Innovid Study


Hi, it’s Jamie, Senior Intern at the CDP Institute’s Department of the Obvious. There’s been a dreadful shortage of obvious news recently, so I’ll share some non-obvious information, which I call Jamie’s Believe It Or Not. First: more companies plan to buy connected TV ads in 2021 (97%) than conventional “linear” ads (84%), according to this Innovid report. You might also be surprised at how many channels marketers use: social media, display ads, mobile video, desktop video, and linear TV are all used by more than half the survey respondents.

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Half of B2B Buyers Will Purchase from Dishonest Sellers: LinkedIn Report


This LinkedIn report asked some questions whose answers should have been obvious, but turned out to be mixed. Would you have expected that just 48% of B2B buyers won’t buy from sellers who offer misleading information, or that just 54% of sellers say sales tools help them close more deals? In other words: half of buyers will purchase from sellers they know are dishonest and nearly half of sellers think sales tools don’t work. Definitely unexpected.

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Confusion Reigns Over Who’s In Charge of CX: Bloomfire Study


Marketing, customer service, and sales leaders may all think it’s obvious that their own department is in charge of customer experience. But they’d probably be surprised by this Bloomfire study which found other departments disagree: for example, 62% of marketers said marketing is in charge of CX but just 30% of people in other departments said the same. Nearly half (45%) said half of their CX decisions are data driven, which may be obvious but is still rather sad.

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