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June 1, 2021

Qualified Raises $51 Million Series B to Profile Web Site Visitors

Qualified Raises $51 Million Series B to Profile Web Site Visitors


Have we mentioned recently that it’s helpful to unify customer data? The folks at Qualified just raised a $51 million Series B to do that, specifically in the form of identifying Web site visitors, finding internal and third party data about them, and then using it to help chat agents, sales reps, and others. Their system only works with the Salesforce Sales cloud.

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Verizon Media Launches DOOH Ad Management Suite

Verizon Media

Signs and other “out of home” media are probably the oldest form of advertising, so there’s something faintly amusing about buying them with programmatic technology and using mobile devices to track the results. Or not. Either way, you might like to know that Verizon Media has just launched full-funnel self-service product suite so you can plan, buy, measure, and optimize your digital out of home ads in the most modern ways possible.

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Most Consumers Won’t Buy from Shoppable Ads: The Harris Poll

The Harris Poll

Shoppable ads are a hot topic right now. But The Harris Poll finds just 36% of consumers said they’d actually buy something directly from an in-show ad, perhaps because nearly 80% do other things while ads are being shown. More might engage if they were rewarded with a discount or subsequent ad-free viewing.

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