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New Tenant protection law breaks ground in NYC and privacy groups unite 

A new law in New York City addresses privacy at home for city tenants, protecting against undue data collection. We're also seeing privacy groups unite to oppose corporate privacy violations.

--Susan Raab, Editor

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Four privacy groups file charges in 5 countries 

Digital Rights Alliance charges Clearview AI with human rights violation

NOYB, co-founded by privacy activist and lawyer Max Schrems, is one of four privacy organizations pressing for investigation into Clearview’s practice of scraping facial images and selling them to government agencies and companies. They are appealing for a coordinated response from data protection authorities. 

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No deletion of WhatsApp user accounts...for now

WhatsApp bows to pressure over privacy policy change

The Facebook-owned company stated that in response to government and privacy advocates, it would not restrict functionality for users who decline to share their data.  WhatsApp still maintains, however, that the new policy doesn’t compromise the privacy of user messages. 

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IT'S THE LAW                                   

New York City’s new Tenant Data Privacy Act (TDPA) is one of the first statutes in the U.S. to regulate collection and retention of data from multifamily buildings with IoT systems. It applies to systems with electronic or computerized technology, including radio frequency ID cards, key fobs, mobile phone access apps, and biometric systems used to grant entry. TDPA requires express consent from tenants for data collection, and prohibits use of data other than what it was collected for, or having information used to harass or evict a tenant. It goes into effect in 60 days. Buildings that go online for the first time now must comply by then, while existing smart-access buildings will be given an 18-month grace period.

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New tool addresses DSAR processing challenge

Imperva's new Imperva Data Privacy tool is designed to speed data compliance processing. Recognizing that managing data subject access requests (DSAR) is time-consuming and extremely costly, Imperva has streamlined the process of locating where a company’s data is stored and minimizing the processes it takes to comply. 

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Confiant steps in to help publishers win the malvertising wars

Ad-security company, Confiant, has expanded its platform to protect against the big increase malicious native ads. These contextual ads, which have been shown to be far more appealing to consumers than display and banner ads, have come under increased attack in the past two years. 

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In Brief: 

NOYB, the same group targeting Clearview, has separately lodged hundreds of complaints against companies it says are guilty of "cookie terror online." In a 500-page document, NOYB says 81% of companies had no "reject" option on the first page, 73% used deceptive colors to get users to "accept," and 90% gave no easy ways to withdraw consent. Read More

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