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June 3, 2021

Salesforce CDP Integrates Merkury ID Resolution

Salesforce CDP Integrates Merkury ID Resolution


Dentsu Merkle has integrated its Merkury identity resolution with the Salesforce CDP. The connection will enable Salesforce clients to link customer data across channels and to supplement first-party information with Merkle’s third-party data. Merkle announced a similar deal with Adobe Experience Platform in April.

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ActionIQ Adds Neustar Identity Resolution and Activation


ActionIQ and Neustar have added their own identity resolution partnership. The deal will include unification, enrichment, and activation based on Neustar’s Unified Identity product. If you’re wondering why integrations like this are needed, remember that many companies don’t have enough data of their own to build a comprehensive identity graph.

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Just 24% of Omni-Channel Personalization Investments Are a Clear Success: Twilio Segment Survey

Twilio Segment

Twilio Segment doesn’t have identity resolution news today, but they did just issue a report that shows why it’s important.  As usual, consumers say they expect personalized experiences but also care about privacy and security. Business answers are less predictable: 85% are providing personalized experiences but just 24% say their omni-channel personalization investments are a success. (Another 59% say they’re “somewhat” successful.)

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