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June 4, 2021

Zeta Global Sets IPO Price at $2 Billion Market Cap

Zeta Global Sets IPO Price at $2 Billion Market Cap

Seeking Alpha

We have a tasty mix of investment news today, Dear Reader. First is pricing of marketing tech, data, and services vendor (and CDP) Zeta Global’s previously-announced IPO, which proposes to raise $250 million for a market cap of $2 billion or so. It’s a fairly modest 5x revenue, which will be around $400 million.

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Tech Publisher IDG Sold to Blackstone for $1.3 Billion


Tech publisher IDG is being sold by investment firm China Oceanwide Holdings to a private equity investor Blackstone for $1.3 billion. IDG owns tech analyst firm IDC plus publications including CIO, Computerworld, and Tech Hive. It’s a fire-sale price: not much more than China Oceanwide reportedly paid for IDG in 2017 and fraction of IDG’s revenues, which are I’d guess are between $3 billion and $5 billion.

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Bizzabo Buys x.ai to Improve Event Experiences


The virtual event industry is as hot as the publishing industry is not. Hybrid event platform Bizzabo is building on pandemic-driven growth and a $138 million Series E with the acquisition of AI-powered scheduling engine x.ai. They'll use x.ai’s skills to enrich the experience of event attendees.

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