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June 8, 2021

Google Settles French Anti-Trust Action with Promises and $268 Million Fine

Google Settles French Anti-Trust Action with Promises and $268 Million Fine


Big Tech is under attack from many directions these days. The latest blow was landed in France, which reached an $268 million anti-trust settlement with Google that also requires changes to give competing ad platforms equal access to Google’s ad server and Ad-X ad exchange. Critics felt the fine was too small to matter.

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CX Is Higher Priority than Security, Digital Transformation, or Cost: Rackspace Study


Switching to cheerier news, this Rackspace study finds that a mix of business and IT managers ranked improved customer experience as their top strategic priority, ahead of security, digital transformation, and cost savings. Personalization was close to the bottom on the list of CX application benefits; top benefits included 24x7 availability, demonstrating security, and greater engagement.

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Companies Do Personalization Without Solid Customer Data: Forrester Report


This Forrester study for Teradata and Celebrus also addresses CX technology. Most interesting findings are that more companies have personalization tools (49%) than customer data management systems (39%), and more have next-best experience and real time decision engines (31%) than basic customer analytics (23%). Apparently that crawl-walk-run thing isn’t as popular as you thought.

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