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June 9, 2021

Snowflake Promises New Privacy and Data Marketplace Features

Snowflake Promises New Privacy and Data Marketplace Features


Cloud database Snowflake gets a lot of attention as a CDP platform. They just announced planned features to make it easier to sell data in their Data Marketplace,  to detect and tag personally identifiable information, and to create anonymized analytical data views. All helpful for CDP users. Release dates are not set.

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ZoomInfo Buys Insent B2B Chat Platform


B2B data and solutions vendor ZoomInfo is buying Insent, a chat system that also identifies visitors, routes them in real time to the right account owner, and can schedule future conversations. It’s the company’s fourth acquisition since DiscoverOrg bought ZoomInfo in February 2019 and adopted the ZoomInfo name the following September.

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iContact Buys Moz to Add SEO Services


Email services company iContact is expanding into search engine marketing with the purchase of Moz. iContact is owned by J2 Global, which owns dozens of companies including email providers Campaigner, Communicator, SMTP, and Kickbox.

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