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June 10, 2021

Twilio Segment Adds Journey Builder

Twilio Segment Adds Journey Builder


Twilio Segment has launched a customer journey builder, named, well, Journeys, that draws on Segment CDP data and connections to 300+ applications across email, advertising, app, and SMS channels. The company describes it as a “critical step towards Twilio’s long-term vision of building the leading Customer Engagement Platform” just in case you were unclear about their goal.

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Amperity Integrates with Unified ID 2.0 and Throtle for Cookieless Ad Targeting


CDP Amperity is working to help companies cope with the “cookie-less future”. They’ve added integrations with the Unified ID 2.0 identity standard and the Throtle identity and data onboarding service. Unified ID 2.0 converts customer email addresses into a hashed email (or HEM, as the cool kids call it). This enables individual-level ad targeting and tracking with partners who have captured the same email address.

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Pathwire Buys Email Preview Platform Email on Acid


You weren’t too interested in yesterday’s acquisition stories, Dear Reader, so you probably don’t care that email provider Pathwire, which owns Mailgun and Mailjet, just bought email preview and testing company Email on Acid. But any company that is cool enough to name itself Email on Acid deserves a mention.

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