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June 11, 2021

InfoSum Offers Choose-Your-Own-Method ID Resolution

InfoSum Offers Choose-Your-Own-Method ID Resolution

Business Wire

Privacy-safe data sharing vendor InfoSum has launched InfoSum Bridge, which lets users apply deterministic, probabilistic, and cohort-level identity resolution methods. It's a collection of matching tools that users and business partners can use on their own data as they see fit. While InfoSum doesn’t construct its own identity graph, it does offer connections with third-party data augmentation partners.

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Lotame Panorama ID Program Adds PubMatic and MediaMath


Lotame does build its own identity graph, which it packages as the Panorama ID and offers as a way for advertisers to track individual customers without relying on cookies. Unlike email-based IDs, Panorama includes probabilistic as well as deterministic matches, enabling more connections but raising some privacy eyebrows. They’ve just signed up PubMatic and MediaMath as program partners, enabling advertisers to apply Panorama IDs to their audiences.

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ZoomInfo Launches Global Opt-Out Database


Looking at B2B data: ZoomInfo has just released a global database that generously shares opt-out requests it receives with any other company that wants to remove the names from its own lists. It’s not clear whether ZoomInfo will also reduce its lists using names submitted by competitors.

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