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March 29, 2017

Cloud Systems, Martech Integration, and Privacy

Cloud Data Storage Is Growing but Security Concerns Remain: BARC Research, Sumo Logic and AlienVault

BARC Research

We reported yesterday that Software as a Service runs 15% of application deployments, while other cloud environments accounted for 48%. Keeping that distinction in mind, a very detailed report from BARC Research concluded that something between one-third and one-half of companies run data warehouses, data integration or data preparation in the cloud. True to stereotype, bigger companies hoped that cloud systems would solve scalability, deployment speed, and innovation bottlenecks and cited security, legal issues, and politics as main obstacles. Smaller companies were more interested in lower costs.

Want more cloud-related research?  A survey from Sumo Logic found that 80% of respondents were using some sort of public cloud but just 6% felt cloud services offer “excellent” security.  And an AlienVault survey of security professionals found 39% used more than 10 different cloud services.  Nearly half said security monitoring in their organization as a whole was either “complex and chaotic” (31%) or “outdated and in need of investment” (19%). Sixty percent (60%) said IT it not always consulted before a cloud platform is deployed.

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Just 7% of Companies Can Deliver Real-Time Experiences Across All Touchpoints: CMO Council/Redpoint Global Survey

Redpoint Global

Back on the more familiar turf of marketing systems, the CMO Council and Redpoint Global found only 7% of companies can always deliver real-time data-driven experiences across all digital and physical touchpoints. Just 3% said all systems are totally connected although 24% said they’re working to make that happen. Organizational issues were the biggest obstacles to data-driven customer strategy: budget (54%), lack of customer-centric culture (43%) and inadequate senior-level support (32%). Forty-two percent (42%) have installed ten or more marketing, data, analytics, or customer engagement systems in the past five years. Lots more good stuff in the paper.

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Consumers Want Personalized Service and Privacy: Verint Report


Let’s finish with the customer perspective  Customer intelligence expert Verint surveyed 24,000 consumers in 12 countries and found that 80% want personalized service, 89% want to know how secure their personal information is, and 86% want to know if their data will be passed on to third parties. There’s no conflict between using customer data and keeping it secure, although there might be one between using it and sharing it intentionally. Asking customers for permission is always a good idea even though few will pay attention to the details. Or you could just have Congress pass a law saying you can anything you darn well please with customer data.

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