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March 30, 2017

New Services Based on Customer Identity

Radius Bundles Free, Unlimited B2B Data with Its Services


B2B data and predictive analytics vendor Radius now gives clients unlimited, no-extra-charge use of its business company and contact data. Radius leverages a “network of record” built by compiling information from public, commercial, and client sources. Data is refreshed continuously so changes from any source are quickly reflected. Client-provided data is used only to verify information from other sources, so data unique to one client is not shared with others. Packages start around $50,000 per year depending on the services.

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Signal Launches Enterprise-Wide Customer Identity Solution


Customer identity specialist Signal has launched a system that spans online and offline channels. Signal captures identity information from multiple sources and builds a list of identifiers for each person. Personal identifiers such as email addresses are hashed (i.e., converted to a unique but anonymized form) so they can be used for matching without being exposed.  Clients can load some customer attributes but Signal doesn’t build a database of detailed customer information. Connectors let client systems call Signal to identify visitors at any touchpoint. Signal started as BrightTag, a tag management solution.

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Taboola Partners with LiveIntent to Personalize Content Recommendations in Email Newsletters


Content recommendation vendor Taboola announced a partnership with LiveIntent, which embeds advertising within email newsletters. The alliance will allow more personalized selection of the content that LiveIntent presents to each user. LiveIntent relies on users to log in to identify themselves. It serves 160 million unique people each month in three billion email newsletters from 1,600 U.S. publishers.

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