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April 3, 2017

Monetate and Teradata Extend Their Marketing Solutions

Monetate Launches Individual-Level Content Optimization


Web personalization vendor Monetate has announced a new product that uses machine learning to select the best messages for each individual in real time. The company will continue to offer its test-based optimization system.

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Not Dead Yet: Teradata Enhances Its Marketing Applications

PR Newswire

Teradata sold its most of marketing applications last year when it divested Aprimo. But the company did keep its real time marketing and customer interaction manager products, which predated the Aprimo acquisition. The company just announced enhancements related to customer journey management, including better analytics, visualization, and offer simulation.

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Ad Agencies Need Data and Technology Skills to Retain Clients: Survey

Advertiser Perceptions

As marketing departments ramp up their data and technology skills, ad agencies need to keep pace or risk losing more business. A survey by research firm Advertiser Perceptions found that 50% of brands had already brought some work in-house from their agencies and another 30% were thinking about it. Desire to own all data was a major reason for such moves, along with cost, speed, and innovation. Data skills were rated as “crucial” by 41% of respondents and “quite important” by another 53%. Ad tech skills were rated as “crucial” by 35% and “quite important” by 49%.

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