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March 4, 2017

ActionIQ Raises $13 Million

ActionIQ Raises $13 Million for Its Customer Data Platform


Customer data platform vendor ActionIQ has received $13 million in Series A funding. The company launched its system last November. It has a rich big data heritage: co-founder Tasso Argyros previously founded Aster Data, and co-founder Nitay Joffee was a core contributor to HBase and Giraph.

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Dentsu Adds Leapfrog Online To Its Agency Network

Leapfrog Online

Dentsu Aegis Network has acquired Leapfrog Online, a performance marketing agency with proprietary marketing conversion technology. Agencies are increasingly taking ownership of their marketing technology. But you knew that.

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Leadspace Launches B2B Audience Management Platform


Leadspace has reinvented itself as a "B2B audience management platform”, which combines a company’s own data with third-party data, contact databases, social profiles, intent data, and data from public Web sites.  It includes individuals and companies. Data is updated in real time and made available to other systems for analysis and execution. In other words, it’s a B2B CDP. Leadspace’s original predictive modeling services will be part of the new solution.

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