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April 5, 2017

Russian Mariachi Music

Networked Insights Launches Web-Data-Based Audience Marketing Platform

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Ay-yi-yi-yi. No, we’re not talking mariachi music today (although here’s a version of that song in Russian, in case you're interested). Instead, we’re doing three items involving artificial intelligence: AI-AI-AI, get it? First up: Networked Insights, a social media monitoring system, has just launched an “AI-fueled audience marketing platform”. The company captures information that people share through Web, mobile, and social network behaviors, builds individual profiles, and then makes them available in audiences that can be reached through Twitter, Facebook, and ad exchanges.

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Demandbase Offers AI-Based Web Site Personalization


B2B martech vendor Demandbase also uses AI to pull data from the Web, but their announcement today is about using AI to personalize content recommendations on Web pages. The product considers firmographic data, offsite business/behavioral data, historic traffic data and real-time visitor information. It includes automated testing and optimization. It supplements Demandbase’s existing rule-based Web Personalization product.

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Celebros Expands Beyond Site Search to Predictive Personalization


But wait, there’s more. Site search vendor Celebros now also offers individual-level Web site personalization, based on its semantic site search predictions. As the company says, it’s “the obvious next step after natural language site search”. Natural language processing is definitely a type of artificial intelligence, although Celebros doesn’t use the term. Apparently they didn’t get the memo. Ay-yi-yi indeed. (Fun fact: I couldn’t find a search function on Celebros’ own Web site.)

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